Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wheels Turning

I met up with a friend at Safeway, a death and dying counselor and teacher, among other skills. I've been facing a lot of that lately. While she waited for her car to get worked on, we walked back to Lyrik, where I'd not been in quite awhile. Joe was painting a new sculpture.

At both Safeway and Lyrik, I worked on some hard writing, often deleting and starting over. This was to math-thinking-l. I'm glad Maria came back and quizzed me, regarding what pilots had been completed. Reflecting back on my work, I feel like it got some wheels turning, ones that we needed to have turn.

That our household works this hard for no compensation, on getting the local economy back on track, is hardly the capitalist model. More of a war time model if you ask me. Ben Franklin loyalists, leading a 2nd American Revolution, versus the inertial conditioned reflexes of a vast army of mindless consumers trained to stay greedy and ignorant. At least the USA was on our side, if not its would-be puppeteers.