Monday, November 09, 2009

Transcript (typos fixed)

Dick: Your new emotional restraint, I will appreciate it while it lasts.

I thought Quakers were about promoting peaceful alternatives to violence. Or is that wrong. Maybe Quakers are peaceful when it is convenient. I have no idea. Except I do know plenty of words are slung and thrown around at the meetings, not for happy reasons, or so I am informed by participants I know.

Kirby: When you've turned away from outward use of outward weapons, that doesn't preclude you from being a vicious attack dog Karl Rover. Quakers are not about being polite all the time.

They were always being offensive, heckling preachers, refusing to doff their hats, inciting the masses. They were imprisoned routinely.

Many got sick of that treatment and decided to create a relative utopia called Pennsylvania instead.

However, Quakers lost control of their state when the in-flooding immigrants, hot off the boat, wanted to use tax money to fight "Indians".

The Quakers had been enjoying peaceful relations with said native populations and wanted no war taxes levied. They were out-voted by a corrupt majority and Quakers have had relatively little influence on the internal affairs of Pennsylvania ever since.

The rising tide of stupidity that overwhelmed Pennsylvania then spread to the rest of the Lower48, now known as Dumbfuckistan to our inner circle (just kidding, there's no inner circle, if you've ever seen the "Quakers guts" poster -- a blog topic of late:


Dick: his kind of aggressive verbal behavior is perceived as strength in the Friends' circle, I suspect... Beats me.

Btw, you have been unusually tolerant of others at synergeo in the last 2 weeks.

Kirby: Probably not a lasting trend, likely I'll say something offensive here shortly.

Rybo: Ha, that is great Quaker history Kirby. Thx for that story.

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