Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Go Lucky (movie review)

With Respect
This reminded me of Wendy and Lucy a lot, as in Wendy grows up and returns to the scariest scene in her childhood, to study that same weirdo under the bridge or in whatever wilderness.

She's as adorable as ever, and the guy (guys) just as weird (can't say I'm proud of the species, after taking these in).

Sally Hawkins plays an ascended master, an enlightened Bodhisattva. The Flamenco teacher is also highly endearing, as are pretty much all the women in this film, when you get right down to it. Civilized, superb social skills, what's not to like?

The guys, on the other hand, are another matter, although you have to hand it to the taxi driver: that guy can act. As actors, they're great at playing real creeps (the back doctor is OK, and the love interest ain't bad -- we're all glad that she finds someone, certainly she deserves the very best).

Anyway, I found the film engaging, if discouraging. I'm back to being an Anglophile. Flush me away, any day!