Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wanderers 2007.5.1

James Gardner, one of the original Wanderers, is a big draw tonight. We're packed in around the table, overflowing into the wings. I'm posting via Jennifer, a first.

Jim's book, Intelligent Universe, is a sequel to his Biocosm. He expects to come up with at least one more in the series.

Jim and I agree that we're not just a "carbon based life form" any more, in the sense that our form of life, including our thinking process, requires all this fast acting silicon.
Our version of humanity is already a hybrid of these two elements working in synergy.

But of course that's an oversimplification as well: the whole Periodic Table is expressed through our design. Let's not forget zinc!

It's just that we should acknowledge our tools, including our electronic environment, as a part of our eXistenZ.