Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Family Time

Dawn had a front row seat on Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, in the company of her dear cousin Pat and friend Lil. They lugged the 02 concentrator and some mini-tanks. Next will be Kennedy School. I've been playing shuttle driver, going to and from the airport: mom yesterday, Alexia just in. I'm hoping to show them Dawn's new knowledge lab maybe later today.

This morning, I open sourced an internal Fuller School memo to the The Math Forum, talking about how I'm busy prototyping this new way of teaching mathematics, using some OO language (like I'm using Python) plus linking in a namespace along the lines of my rbf.py, with polyhedra organized per the Synergetics concentric hierarchy, with the duo-tet and other nomenclature (e.g. Couplers, A & B modules) anchoring.

I'm hopeful that curriculum writers already making a commitment to computer technology, such as TSF now funds, will find much that is useful in this design. Maybe BFI could help some of the other foundations channel wisely. Not all are equally savvy about the design science potential, and as The Da Vinci Code proves (the media phenomenon), where there're snakes, there's snake oil.