Friday, December 02, 2005

Movie Making

Stallings saw Mindwalk again recently, liked it better than What the Bleep. My Dinner With Andre falls into the same category (Nick made this connection), plus that animated Waking Life.

All of these flicks are heavy on the chit chat, low in the action department. But still, people like to listen in on intelligent conversations, a kind of healthy voyeurism we learn as children, perhaps riding in the back seat, listening to pilot/co-pilot banter.

In my Project Earthala scenario, affiliates showcase promising new technologies, using real prototypes, not just phony stuff. Lots of strategic product placement and brand repositioning is going on, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Our Reality TV stars have a lot of interesting lines however, so the genre isn't that far from the above philosophical films. Characters take strong positions. For example, I'm clearly wanting to keep our Fuller Projection nation-free at the base level, even if we allow such political data in overlays.

Others might take objection. Bohmian Dialogue ensues.