Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Day At the River

Today Dawn woke up more unhappy than usual, and we resolved that getting out to some new place would be good. Her choice: Sandy River by way of Edgefield. We took this trip, and her mood greatly improved, as did mine. Scenic Troutdale was fun to drive through.

At the river, which we drove to after walking around the golf course, admiring the fresh plants (plus a wedding was getting ready to happen), having lunch, a big sign warned of drowing deaths, I think 12 since 1993.

Too many. Life guards were on duty, and an ambulance was parked nearby. But I'm sure this level of support can't be arranged 24/7. Kids will swim nude, drunk, or dive off the bridge. Grownups have their own problems.

The circling hawks were spectacular.

In a few minutes, I'll join Matt and Mike for a beer. Mike has a new used car. We haven't the three of us gotten together since my birthday. I'm coming back early though, as Dawn wants to celebrate the solstice with some good friends while I look after Tara. That's perfectly OK with me -- recharging one's batteries is an important part of life, especially during holidays.